Monday, January 25, 2010

Daycare The new frontier

So as of Febuary 1st my sweet, sweet baby bot will start Daycare. This I understand now as a necessity. He will be fine, he will be fine, he will be fine. Maybe if I say it enough times I will believe it, I do believe it but it's still hard to think he's 2. seriously where did the last 2 years go, I remember being present but I just don't feel like I've really been here for the whole thing, anyways.
I'm kinda shocked at how quickly it happened,(I apologize to anyone reading this who had to take a long time on waiting lists or having to work through the part time aspect to get to the coveted Monday - Friday spot. It took me 3 whole days to seal the deal, tha's right kids 72 agony filled hours. I've heard of parents who put their kids on lists when they're pregnant and still have heard nothing by the time the kid is 2. We also have a subsidised spot opening up for us in 6 months. It is absolutly crazy when I think about it. This daycare is also rated in the top 15% in the city and is actually pretty hard to get into. It's bilingual 10 hours a day and has a class size of no more than 9 kids per day. The teachers are made up of a registered nurse an ECE teachers assit from Algonquin college 2 previous kindergarden teachers and a very sweet older lady that is the volenteer who has 8 grandchildren. Alex has taken quite a shine to her. The 2 other students in the class are in the process of completing their child pychology degree at Ottawa U.
I would have to say after meeting them all and seeing how well Alex took to them all I'm sure he will be fine.
he will be fine, he will be fine, he will be fine. I'm almost there maybe I just need alittle more time.