Saturday, November 21, 2009

Let's talk about the R word

Resposibility, This is the topic that is on my mind at this time. Not the typical resposibilities that come with everyday life. No I'm talking about taking a little common sense responsibility. You know when you see an older person struggling with a heavy load of groceries and they need help with the door, Help them. A mother has 2 children that seem to be getting away from her just cast your eyes to the one farthest away and keep them there. Most of the time it doesn't take the effort that you think it would and even if there is no thank you, you know that no one got their hip broken and no on ended up on a milk carton. Ok that's a bit drastic but sometimes the worst case does happen and it happens to more and more people everyday. These people could have been helped from pulling open a door or just being able to see where the other child wandered to.
My growing concerns with society seems to be coming to a much larger head than I thought. I see so many things in everyday life that can be helped. I do it. I don't do it for the recognition or as some call it "the glory". I seem to have a need to help others and have always had it, I don't think it's some thing that I can ever get rid of. I do unfortunatly have a need now to get others involved. I have come to a wonderful conclusion, People seem to just need a little guildance and they will be very willing to give what they can of their time and sometimes of their finances.
This something that gives me the warm fuzzies, like kittens and dryer lint it's warm and cuddly and just good for the soul. I think my train of thought is wavering I may have to end this quickly or it will turn into a run on.
Ok so short sweet and to the point. Just do it, Hold the door, Cast the eyes, say excuse me, say please, and don't complain about the world and the people in it if you have no intention of trying to be a better person in a better world. Nothing ever gets fixed by bitching about it. The more that you complain the more it snowballs.
Do I have to say it again? Ok hear it is Help others and it will help you.

Much love much caring and much respect

Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh how the time gets away from me

This has been a crazy month. So many things that I would love to share but either can't, won't, or even shouldn't. Wow that might make for an unbearable piece to read.
First thing to all parents PLEASE research any kind of vaccination you are planning on giving your child. To each their own but at least be informed.
Too many people have just been jabbing a needle in their childs arm without even the slightest idea what they are putting in or if their child is in need of this vaccine.
Yes H1N1 is scary but you need to look at the facts of those that get it and the reasons it wasn't recognized or dealt with in time. This is why I say BE INFORMED don't go hyper vigillant of ever little thing your child touches, or in my sons case licks. My son has had a chest cold and he is fine, all parents know what it's like to watch that thermometer start to rise past your comfort zone. The number 104 is the scariest number to any parent. Ok I'm done with that no more scary flu talk.

Alex on the other hand has started to make his weekly trips to Nannie and Grampas house. I have learned that when you are the one who is getting him ready to be picked up it is not wise to utter these words, "Is it Nannie and Grampa day?". This will prompt my young prince to go downstairs and start to put on shoes and yell at the top of his lungs, "Nae Nae Nannie Nannie Grampa Grampa Grampa". This does continue until we get on the shoes and my parents show up. Sometimes that feels like an eternity.
He then spends the day running errands, surpisingly enough he loves it anything where he gets to push a cart of any kind is usually well received. He then gets to go back to Nannie and Grampas for a sleepover. This usually consists of eating dinner play time and bath time. The best part is when Hockey comes on and he gets his cheering lesson from Grampa. It's sort of looking like blasting off from his Einstein show but it ends with a big YAY and much clapping and running around. I can figure out who gets happier about the time spent together, him or them. Might have to look into a tie on that one.
Best part of it all is he gets a break from us and we get to have sometime where it's not all about him and a little bit more about my husband and I.

And last but not least, The holiday season for most servers can be VERY lucritive and I plan on taking advantage of that as much as I can. That sounds bad, I am actually planning the first Adopt a Family for Christmas. It's basiclly what it sounds like you go to the United way and they pick a less fortunate family with children. You then buy the Christmas dinner and gifts for the family, you can also give clothes or extra food for after Christmas. My thought was this; We have all the restaurants on Elgin St. ( I have to start small the first year), ask thier servers bartenders hostesses and busser for a $2 donation per shift. When your staring at the 150 you made that shift it doesn't feel like as much of a bite in the pocket. Then we request that the restaurant owners match the donation this would mean that enough food and clothes could be bought for at least 6 families hopefullt getting them through the first part of winter.
My thought is that you never know when it will be you at the bottom, it can happen at the drop of a hat. So why not lay the Karmic ground work so to say, maybe then if it does happen to you the landing may be a bit softer or the climb back up a little easier.

All for now hope it was a bit to think on