Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So this is it

So let me put this as delicately as I can, My boss is a jack ass! Ok so that wasn't so delicate. I have been let go from my job plainly because I told my boss that this isn't working out anymore. There was no communication between him and I, He was pitting the evening and the day staff against each other, and when your in a team enviroment doesn't work out so well.
I was sent very uncerimoniously out the door at the end of my shift on Friday, ah well guess I should have made those changes to the schedual before he fired me(they'll have some fun Friday). So after almost 6years of working for the same person I have been set free on the city once more. All I want to say is "Thank God it's over", Anyone else who has worked there says it takes a few days for the Stockholm Effect to wear off. Me it didn't even take 24hrs. The feeling of freedom not being under the thumb of Dunns and Stanley Devine is amazing, it is really a fog that you have to shake off to really see how it is that this place runs, for example. At no point is any employee to be allowed to take a break( but you have to post the break schedual). At no time is any employee allowed to call in sick, EVER! Any injuries sustained by any employee on the work premiss are not to be reported until Stanley has given his consent to send the paper work. if any manager breaks these rules they may be terminated with no notice or severance. What aload of crap. I broke everyone of thoses rules, and would do it again. Good bye Dunns you will not be missed nor will there be any type of regret as to the loss of my position.