Friday, January 7, 2011

Sad to see it go.

So I have been informed that yet another thing is being taken away from me.
My blog. I am no longer allowed to post anything that I think and feel. I was under the impression that this was a free contry where you are allowed to put out there what ever you feel that you would like to share. I have just spent some time going over the whole thing and it made me so sad. You can actually watch me get sadder and angrier as the posts push on. I also realized that i never wanted my marriage to end I just got fed up with having to carry the load, getting shut out and getting yelled at for wanting attention. I think I was also upset about the fact that for something I thought I never wanted I decided to fight for and after failing at the fight got so hurt and angry that it was over and that I had believed so many lies for so long. I drove by Albert today and for some reason wanted to stop the car and ask "Why was it not good enough for you?", I am still left with this open end that I have to deal with while he goes out makes way more money than he used to and get to generally have a life while he blames me for the demise of the last relationship.
enough about him, he hijacked my mind my life and my sanity for too long he can't have anymore of it.
I'm still pissed though, I thought I had nothing left for anyone to try and take from me. I once again was wrong, I didn't think it through.
I will say in closing if you are reading this read back over the other posts, I got a bit better as I went along no matter what I was trying to say.

Signing off kids be good to each other or you'll end up like me.

P.S No it doesn't suit you someone should have told you to think a little harder on that one. Guess you joined the other club. Makes me sad that you comprimised one of the great things about you. With all due respect not good.

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