Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just to clear the air

So let me say that I recived a message about my blog from Alberts new girlfriend who has expressed how much Albert is hurting and how he cries everyday. The only thing I can say to her is the same thing I say to everyone. Get both sides of the story before you start shooting your mouth off. Did she ever take in to consideration that if he actually hadn't done anything wrong would the police have charged him? Why would CAS still need to be involved? How long did I spend trying to get the restraining order lifted so that supervised visits could be possible? Why is it always me having to make a new ways for Albert to see Alex, after Albert manages to screw up yet again all because Albert has to have everything his way? The other question would be if he is such a wonderful father why hasn't he bothered to pay child support? If he is such a wonderful person why was it all the people he said hated me are confused as to why it is he would say that when they don't feel they ever gave him that impression? How about when I told him I would do anything I could to help him he decided to scream the most horrible and hurtful things at me? Why was I threatened with Albert trying to have Alex put in foster care so that his mother could move here to be the one to take care of him? Also how did he get EVERYTHING in his apartment, I have to say that was me. Who made sure Albert got that job he has now. That would be me also. Who was it that covered everything while he decided to keep a job that paid nothing, ME. Anyone is free to take whatever shots you want, you can sit there and happily sing his praises. I did for a long time and stood up for him at all points I took time to go to his sister to try and find a way to make that marriage work. I had to listen to how I was stupid how I had a crap job. How anything I wanted or needed got to take a backseat to him and his needs. Maybe someone should tell you the story of how a certain person decide that my care after or son was born and after I had gone through a cesarean to have him was not important, ask him about how I got left on the stairs at 3am and told to "Suck it the fuck up and get back to bed" Let's find out why it was that he wanted to get married and he wanted to have a baby but when it got hard he ran. Like a scared child he ran. Trust me there are alot of people out there that are chomping at the bit for Albert to ask their opinion. They won't offer it but have all said if the opportunity presents itself they will. They will also smile and nod and be friendly until that time. I on the other hand will express my opinion because it was my marriage and Alex is my son and I am a wonderful parent who actually understood the sacrifices that would be required of me. Albert always complained that I wanted him to change. I never did if anything I didn't like the self absorbed person he became. Plus if anything he wanted me to change back to being the vodka swilling drug using out every night girl I used to be. He is very happy with that life and when I lived it with him I was happy to. He is excellent at the first part and Albert is great fun to be around at that stage but when it comes to the substance it isn't there. Like Albert said if it had just stayed him and I it would have been fine. I guess life just got too real for him.
So I guess I would have to say to the new girlfriend if you wish to have an opinion maybe you should really get your facts straight mybe you should pay attention to the fact that he can manage to start a new relationship before he has even started to get divorced. Just wait he will show his true colors, same as with the last 2 girlfriends before me and the same as he did with me. I will happily post your comment so that all the people can see also that I have no issue with taking in what you have to say.
TaTa darlings

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